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Corrective Chiropractic

Our team of Grand Rapids Chiropractors offers specialized Chiropractic Care. This care is very similar to correcting crooked teeth with braces. We work with the entire spine to optimized and align it to alleviate pain, numbness, and weakness that comes with poor posture.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps strengthen the muscles around the bones that have been misaligned for some time. This will help people who have been injured or have physical ability. Our approach is to study and improve the entire body’s alignment. Physical therapy is needed to help strengthen the body to hold the proper alignment.
Chiropractic Treatment Plans Once we have come up with a medical plan, we would then introduce you to this plan. This plan is as unique as you are. Advanced Spine and Posture works with each client and meets them where they are at now. Sometimes the clients need a medical massage to work out all the fascia around the bones. This soft tissue massage will loosen up the ligaments and muscles around the sublimation to ensure for a better outcome. Not all people can and will be adjusted. This is why getting an x-ray is so very important. There are bone spurs, disc issues and all kinds of things that can be hiding from the view of the naked eye. However, in this sort of case, we will offer recommendations that may be able to further assist you. If you are wanting to finally feel better. If you are sick of being in pain all the time, we can help. Advanced Spine and Posture work with our patients for a more permanent solution to back pain that most other Grand Rapids Chiropractors. Our facility offers state of the art technology that you cannot find anywhere else in the state. Advanced Spine and Posture offers traction in a way that has never been seen in Grand Rapids. And, our method has been proven in case study after case study. We work with our clients to get them the results that they can see.

Medical Provider

Our Grand Rapids team is made up of the finest Chiropractors and medical doctor’s for Spinal care in the state. Our medical team will focus on eliminating pain and restoring the functions to the joints and muscles. Our patients see improvement with the joints and muscles as well as in their chest, neck, spine, back, arms and legs.

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What Our Costumers say

Advanced Spine and Posture was an amazing experience. Would highly recommend.

Carol T

I owe them for getting my life back. I’ve never felt so amazing at 52 years young.

Tom G

What an awesome experience! The staff was super helpful and the techniques finally relieved my neck and upper back pain. I’m even taller now!

Cindy J

Love Dr. S and all of the staff at Advance Spine and Posture. I would highly recommend.

Mike M.

Advanced Spine and Posture

Advanced Spine and Posture is a unique Chiropractic office located in Grand Rapids.  Here, we work with the entire body and look at your overall posture.  Posture is the number one reason that people need to see a Chiropractor, however, there are very little chiropractors that are doing something about it.  Our office is a Chiropractic office with a PA and Physical therapist on staff.  Advanced Spine and Posture will work toward a common goal to improve your posture against the spinal model.  We have a spinal model that was found with a series of studies in the CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) testing.  Advanced Spine and Posture is the first office in Michigan that uses all the advanced techniques that CBP has to offer.  And, it is the first office to bring you the Scolibrace.  

The Scolibrace is the latest technology in treating Scoliosis.  However, no other medical facility offers this brace.  This brace comes backed with all the case studies to prove it’s effectiveness.  Advanced Spine and Posture is not just a Chiropractor in Grand Rapids, we are a unique chiropractic office that is offering cutting edge technology.  

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Chiropractic Services we offer:

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