About Us

Advanced Spine and Posture Grand Rapids location is a medical group the consists of a Medical team, Physical therapists, and CBP chiropractic services in Grand Rapids. This is a unique medical group that is the first of it’s kind in Michigan. And, our facility was started by one of only 2 certified CBP Chiropractors in Michigan. The entire facility is made up of medical, physical therapy, and CBP Chiropractor Grand Rapids.

We are not just the typical Grand Rapids Chiropractor. Our doctors are specially trained in CBP which works with the entire body to correct posture. We are leaders in the industry and believe in total body health. This is an integrated approach to care and offer all services as well as exams under one roof. This ensures you get the care you need from medical, physical therapy and Chiropractic care. And, we prescribe the only the most medically necessary care possible.

Individual Care

We believe that each patient is their own person, what works for one may not be suitable for the next. This is why each patient has their own exams and treatment plans to follow. We work to provide a resolution to the real issue and not merely the symptom. And, offer preventive care for the future as well.

We strive to keep the patient as comfortable as possible throughout the care. And, will support them in any way we can. And, provide a warm atmosphere that is family friendly and open and inviting. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome to our group.

Advancement in our Field

Our doctor’s and medical staff are always advancing their studies in the CBP as well as other areas. We are continually raising our standards of medical, physical therapy, Chiropractic care, and total body mechanics in an effort to provide our clients with a better life.

We will continue to make significant contributions to the field of medicine. We are currently working with advanced techniques to provide our clients with Scoliosis relief, for example.

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