Do I need Chiropractic Treatment?

Do I need Chiropractic Treatment?

Just about everyone walking the Earth will need Chiropractic treatment at some point in their life.  And, if you tend to have poor posture you will need Chiropractic treatment more than others.  

Over time our spine compresses and getting spinal decompression can help relieve some of the pain.  We offer chiropractic traction services here for all of your spine relief.  We work with each client from where they are at to where they have to go.  This is all done by digital x-ray and measuring how far off your spine is to that of a perfect spine.  

Our services are not all done at one time.  It is over a course, as some people couldn’t actually handle us moving their spine as much as they need to in one sitting.  It took time for you to get the way you are and it will take time to get you better.

Car Accident Chiropractic

Car accidents are another reason people need chiropractic treatment.  A car accident or fall, blunt hit, can really mess with your alignment.  Getting that alignment back is important.  We have the technology here at Advanced Spine and Posture Grand Rapids to prove that your car accident caused damage to your spine.  We can prove it in a mathematical sense as well, no matter your pain level.  This technology has helped many auto cases fight and win their case.  As science and proof cannot be denied.  We are the only Chiropractic office in the state that has this level of technology.

There are different levels of Chiropractic treatment as well.  Some chiropractic treatment is needed for readjusting for poor posture.  An example of this is Text neck, which is happening all over the country.  Text neck occurs because people are looking down at your devices, computers, phones, etc. more than ever before.  And, as we look down gravity is pulling at our head.  If you take a minute and look around you will see how people start to round or lean forward just about the middle of their shoulder blades.  This is text neck and it’s getting to be a real issue.

Text Neck

If you think you have text neck and it doesn’t hurt, that doesn’t matter.  You need to see a Chiropractor and get a Chiropractic treatment before it’s too late.  Text neck can cause all kinds of other medical issues as well as put a strain on your entire back.  When this happens, you will start to feel pain in the neck area or even the lower back.  And, having a huge misalignment such as this will only get worse without Chiropractic treatment.

Our office is technically a medical office with Chiropractic services.  Much of our traction is used for physical therapy use and will be used to align your spine using physical therapy as well as Chiropractic skills.  This is a very unique office, the first of it’s kind in Michigan.  An,d we are proud to offer solutions that no other chiropractic office can in Grand Rapids.  Come check us out at Advanced Spine and Posture Grand Rapids.


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