Does Scoliosis Automatically Mean Surgery?

Does Scoliosis Automatically Mean Surgery?

Many schools, as well as doctor’s wellness, check up’s look for Scoliosis.  And, you were just told your child has it.  What does this mean?  Will they be okay?  Does it mean there is inevitable back surgery ahead?  The answer is no, most scoliosis is actually quite mild and won’t need any correction at all, and often times works itself out over time.  The reason for someone to have scoliosis is often not known and it affects 2-3% of the population.  And, it seems that girls are more affected than boys as well as it shows up in children from the age of 10-15.  Congenital scoliosis is a form or scoliosis that is formed in the womb.  It is when the vertebrae are not formed properly or are fused together. 

If the scoliosis is 45 degrees or worse, surgery may be the only option.  For this surgery implanting steel rods, hooks and screws to straighten the spine.  Then bone fragments are used to cover these rods and fused to the rods.  This comes with a risk of infection, neurological compromises, collapsed lung and back pain.  And, when it is this sever, the body can pull the rods back out meaning surgery will have to be done.  Risking the patient yet again to all of the above possible problems.  There are no promises that you or your loved one will survive this intense surgery.  The patient could come out paralyzed, with mental issues or other side effects.  These side effects are often permanent. 

Grand Rapids Chiropractor and Scoliosis

Or you can work with a qualified Grand Rapids Chiropractor, the only one in Grand Rapids that works with the latest bracing technology.  Many of the bracing done in the area are completely outdated and really shouldn’t be used any longer.  However, we here at Advanced Spine and Posture have a solution for a child with Scoliosis.  Our bracing is backed up by various studies and has been proven to help reduce the curve of scoliosis. 

We also offer physical therapy that goes along with this bracing as well.  This type of physical therapy will only be found in Advanced Spine and Posture‘s office in Grand Rapids.  There is not another Grand Rapids Chiropractor with this technology.  Why?  Because it requires extensive school and math skills, lots of training and techniques that are only taught to the advanced students at Ideal Spine in Idaho.  We are the only advanced trained CBP Chiropractor that is practicing these advanced techniques.  

Holistic approach

Scoliosis doesn’t mean the end of the world.  But, it does mean that you should make an appointment and have us take a look.  We look at scoliosis as a knot that has formed in the back, our job is to untie that knot to allow the body to untwist and extend as it should.  Scoliosis isn’t just on one axis but on all the axis.  This is why this technology works.   We use this very same technology for many of our clients to improve their posture as well.  This technology is not only on the leading edge, but it is also backed up by studies and the results will speak volumes.

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