Grand Rapids Chiropractic Office

Grand Rapids Chiropractic Office

As a Grand Rapids Chiropractic office, we understand you have many of us to choose from. Getting the care you need to get your posture and spine in alignment. This will help you feel better and be healthier. Alignment comes from our various traction techniques, as well as the medical and physical therapy we do. We are a Grand Rapids Chiropractic office, however, we are definitely different than any other chiropractic office in Grand Rapids. For that matter, we are different than any office in Michigan at the moment. This will change, as we plan to spread our Medical Group’s offices throughout the state.

Getting the best care is what it’s all about. And, with our office being managed by a medical group, this means your care is overseen by Medical Doctors. This is a completely different approach to Chiropractic care than ever done before. Because of this, most insurance companies are accepted. And, we do take Medicaid as well. This will help so many people and families have the reach to get the Chiropractic care they want and need. Our medical directors understood this and that’s why the medical group was formed. So, if you do not have Chiropractic care on your insurance, this is not a problem. We offer physical therapy as well as medical care to adjust your posture and help your spine.

Chiropractic care for Grand Rapids

As a Grand Rapids Chiropractic office, we are a dedicated medical group here to serve you the best quality care in Grand Rapids MI. We have a staff that is based around the model of CBP Chiropractic. This means that our chiropractic doctors took schooling to the next level. This method is backed up by case study after case study. And, it measures the spine for any inaccuracies against the natural curve. This will tell us what needs to be worked on. After all, if your lower back hurts, it’s not always the lower back that needs help. Many times its the neck. Or even the mid-region of the spine. Our office offers advanced x-rays that will show you without a shadow of a doubt the issues you are looking at.

Grand Rapids Chiropractors

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to accept your body aches. Give us a call and schedule an appointment with the elite Grand Rapids Chiropractic office. We are here to help the community become healthier and truly understand what poor posture can do to you. Having a poor posture can affect every system in your body. Your spine cares your spinal column that are the signals from your brain to the entire body. If it doesn’t have it’s a natural curve, these things can become messed up. Your knees are apart of your alignment.

Often times if people have knee problems they head straight for surgery. This really is a completely wrong route. This is messing with the entire bone structure. Yes, there is a place for surgery, but it shouldn’t be the first place everyone runs to. Seeking Grand Rapids Chiropractic care should be the first option. After all, we were all originally built with the perfect posture. It’s time and bumps and bruises that have misaligned the systems.

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