Grand Rapids Chiropractor’s FAQ

Grand Rapids Chiropractor’s FAQ

Grand Rapids Chiropractor’s FAQ:

This page may be updated from time to time to keep with the latest in questions.  However, we understand that when you are looking for a chiropractor, you are looking for someone that has experience and knowledge.  Our team of experts has been trained not only in Chiropractic school, but we also have a PA as well as a Physical therapist on staff. This helps our office offer care that you can find nowhere else.  We believe that having a thoroughly trained medical group can assist with any of our clients back pain, knee pain, joint pain, and spinal injuries. 

We offer unique Scoliosis treatments that actually have science backing up the latest in bracing.  There are no other companies out there that are doing what we do, right here in Grand Rapids.  Because of this, we do get some questions though!

Do you take my insurance?

First of all, we take just about any insurance for our Chiropractic Services, medical services, and physical therapy services.  But, remember this isn’t a solid Chiropractic office any longer. Yes, that is what we focus on, but there is medical behind it that works with the Chiropractor and Physical therapist.  This means that if you don’t have Chiropractic coverage, you may be surprised how much of our services are actually Physical therapy charges.  

Will Chiropractic Care Help Me?

Well, that is a huge and broad question, which is why we ask our clients to come in and let us do an initial consultation on you.  We cannot give medical advice over the phone.  

How do I know if I have text neck?

Again, you should come into the office and be examined if you feel you have text neck.  Most Americans do have text neck in some fashion.  However, there are other forms of poor posture that we work with as well.  Some of this includes the lower portion of the body bumping out or the entire spine rounding as we age.  The longer you wait and the older you get the less we can do for you.  So, it’s a great idea to come in and get checked out today!

But, if you would like to do a self-assessment, lay flat on your back on a flat surface without any pillows.  If you could stand to sleep like that for the night, you probably don’t have text neck.  However, most cannot stand this position for only a few minutes or maybe hours. These people do have a form of text neck or poor posture and should be seen by their Grand Rapids chiropractor.  

Are their side effects wit chiropractic care?

The side effects of chiropractic care can be that you may experience more pain before you get better.  Us loosening up the tighten muscles as well as adjusting the bones can certainly cause a bit of pain.  However, we do recommend icing the bones and heating up the muscles for relief.  

Do you offer spinal decompression?

Yes, of course, in the course of working with your posture, if you have compression of the spine we do offer traction for this.  We work with all of our patients on a patient to patient basis.  

Do you have Traction?

We offer some of the best traction you can find in the state.  And, our doctor’s are thoroughly trained to use this traction.  Traction, when used improperly, can actually do more damage than good.  

Fancy machines or things that hang you from the back of a door is not traction.  These things are actually damaging and should never be used with working to decompress the spine in any way.  

All of our traction units have various setups and straps that are used to pull the body in ways that it needs to get the natural curvature of the spine back into place.  

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