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Kentwood Chiropractor

Kentwood Chiropractor

Searching for a Kentwood Chiropractor? Do you deal with pain in the back, leg feeling numb, neck pain, injuries or various other ailments? We are a unique office in that we offer Chiropractic, physical therapy and medical all under one roof.  We like to work at the root of the cause of your pain. Helping realign your posture. Looking at your spine can inform us of a great deal regarding your posture. Most people today have what we call text neck or head forward translation issues.  This can cause pain in other parts of the body, not sure the back and neck as well.

This is mainly as a result of people looking down more than they ever before have previously. With our innovative Digital X-ray software application, we can actually calculate how far your spine is off from the standard. The standard was obtained over years of examining and originates from the researches of our Chiropractic practitioners.  There is a facility of Chiropractic Bio-Physics ® Institute in Idaho. And, our doctors have studied there to bring Kentwood with the best Chiropractor experience possible. This specialized institute is the cutting edge in Kentwood Chiropractor knowledge. We are the first in the state to offer this and we are right here as your Kentwood Chiropractor.

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Not only do we treat the neck issues, we work with the mid back issues and also reduced back problems.  And, we are certified to Scoliosis bracing as well. This modern technology utilizes mirror imaging ®. It works with the body as well as brain to work as one and untwist what scoliosis has twisted. We are one-of-a-kind because we literally look at your spine as a large mathematic equation.  We want all the levels of curves in your spine to mimic that of the natural curves. During treatment, you will notice modifications in your appearance, posture, and might also become taller as well.

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The approach we take to chiropractic care is unmatched in the whole state, not simply in Grand Rapids. We are the leader in the CBP ® for this area.  As our Doctor’s have exceeded as well as past the basic Kentwood Chiropractor. These sophisticated classes, researched with only the elite and also grasped the art of determining your spine. This is not only an Engineering marvel however it’s similar to artwork at the exact same time. This is not something that is easy to accomplish.  And, it takes some time to master. We have been operating in this field for over 20 years. And, we have been with this technique for a few years now.

Our Kentwood Chiropractor is dedicated to helping you find the source of what is causing the pain.  We are working hard to find the source and help you get back to feeling you again. After all, if your knee hurts you must need surgery and pain meds, correct?  Not at all. That’s why we are here. Often times we twist and mess up our knees and joints and don’t even think Chiropractor. But, we should. Every limb and appendage is attached to the spine. Getting every bone aligned only makes sense.

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Your posture is what determines where your aches and pains will develop.  Over time, repeating the motions is not great on the body. If you have a job that you sit all day, this can cause issues.  Or one that you take parts from a machine and mechanics are always bent over. Give us a call. We are your Kentwood Chiropractor and we are happy to help.

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