Medical Massage Grand Rapids, MI

Medical Massage Grand Rapids, MI

There are medical massage Grand Rapids as Spa style massage and they are completely different.  Although some spas may offer a massage that is similar to a medical massage Grand Rapids, most do not.  Most spa massages are meant for pampering and medical massage Grand Rapids is meant for medical assistance.  

As your back and posture get out of wack, your muscles start to go with the flow.  This means that in order to get your bones and posture back into place a medical massage may be needed to loosen up those muscles.  This allows the bones to move more freely and stay where they belong.  We at Advanced Spine and Posture work with each patient at their level.  Our entire office is built around the perfect spinal model.  We offer medical spinal treatments and massage as well as physical therapy.  One is a one-stop shop for all your spinal needs.  Our offices believe in a holistic approach and do not offer any sort of surgery options.  

Grand Rapids Spine Clinic

Most people in Grand Rapids are crooked. Yes, we said crooked, because of how we sit, stand and look at various devices.  Many people have text neck, which is the forward translation of the head.  Look around you and you’ll see that hump between people’s shoulder blades to upper back.  This is a result of looking down too much and gravity.  With a medical massage Grand Rapids, we loosen the muscles around the neck to allow our traction to work better.  

Our medical massage Grand Rapids is often covered by your insurance.  This is not a relaxing massage but a message is working to adjust your body’s tension on your bones.  Our goal is to get your spine as perfect to our model as possible.  This will allow you to have less numbness in your arms and legs.  It can help with headaches and other pains as well.  

Spinal Injections

We have injections that we do as a part of our treatments.  These injections work with the medical massage Grand Rapids to lose the stronghold your muscles have on your bones.  Getting the muscles loosened up helps us to adjust the posture easier and less painfully as well at times.

If you think you might need a medical massage Grand Rapids or a Chiropractic adjustment, come see us.  We work with all insurance companies including Medicaid and Medicare.  Remember our office is not your average Chiropractic office.  We are a medical office with Chiropractors on hand.  

Medical massage Grand Rapids is a medical treatment we offer.  We work with our patients to determine the best treatment plan for them.  We offer digital x-ray that will allow us to actually measure how far your spine’s curvature is an off from the perfect model.  Combining medical massage with x-rays, physical therapy and medical treatments to get the best results possible is our goal.

If you have been in a car accident, you should always have your neck and back checked out.  This is very important as the muscles can easily be torn.  A medical massage Grand Rapids will massage those muscles and help them repair in a proper fashion.  

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