Reasons for Back pain
Reasons for Back Pain

Reasons for Back pain

There are many reasons for back pain.  And, surprisingly enough, not all of them require a trip to the Chiropractor.  Some, really need medical attention.  Chiropractors work with your skeletal structure.  This means that they work with the bones, muscles, and fascia that holds it all together.  Chiropractors do not work with internal organs such as the lungs, heart, kidneys, and liver.

Seeks medical attention when you have this type of back pain

Back pain in the lower sides is typically the kidneys.  Kidney pain is nothing to mess around with and you should seek medical attention.  Things that are common are kidney infections, even if you don’t have signs of a bladder infection.  These are not something that you should mess around with and should see a doctor right away.  Other kidney pain could be from stones that form in the kidneys for some people.  These are very painful to pass and a trip to a medical facility should be considered.

Chiropractic Back Pain

There are two types of clients that chiropractors see.  The type that has misaligned spines due to their posture.  And, the type that has misaligned spines due to an accident.  Not all people with misaligned spines have pain.  Most, in fact, actually don’t.  When sitting in a commonplace such as a  busy mall, and watching the crowd, it will become very apparent that people have posture issues.  And, not a small amount of people, this is most of the population.    Poor posture over time will cause a rounding of the neck.  We are seeing this even in teens as the kids are watching their screens more and more and less activity outside playing.

Chiropractic Services

Another way that can cause back pain is If you have injured yourself, been in an auto accident or fallen, this is most likely your issue.  These sudden jars will pull muscles and ligaments, jar the bones out of the proper position and cause disks to slip.  This damage may not even be felt at first but, give it time and the pain will certainly appear.

If you have back pain and need to get help, going to a chiropractor only makes sense.  However, here at Advanced Spine and Posture we take it one step further and offer our medical and physical therapy solutions as well.  Our entire office is built around the perfect spinal model.  We will start by taking a digital x-ray.  This x-ray will help show us what your spine looks like against this perfect spinal model.  Additionally, this will show you what your spine looks like and what it should look like.

Digital X-rays of your Spine

With our x-rays, we have a red and green line that will show you exactly what your spine looks like and where it is off from the perfect spine.  Our uniquely trained team will then take your case and put together a medial plan.  This plan will involve the three sections of our facility if needed, this depends on the person and their needs.

Each patient is different and we look at each patient on a need to need basis.  If you have back pain, be sure to give us a call today!

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