Scolibrace for Scoliosis

Scolibrace for Scoliosis

We are the first in Michigan that offers a Scolibrace.  Sure, there are other braces out there for Scoliosis, however, they are completely outdated.  The Scolibrace is a mirror image of what the spine actually looks like.   It works with the body to elongate the body and help “upwind” if you will the knot of the spine.  This will retrain the body to learn to walk and move with the spine more straight than it is out of the brace. Read More.

How will Scolibrace help?

The brace works best during the younger years.  When the brace will move the spine to a super corrected position, as the child grows, the spine will have this corrective brace guiding it.  Most people will see improvements after just six months of use.  It is required to wear the brace 22 hours a day.  This means it will have to be worn when sleeping as well as at school or work.  The Scolibrace has been derived from many studies and research.  

The brace itself will be made of resin and is a 3D of the body.  This brace takes all the axis of the spine, unlike the older version of the braces we have seen for Scoliosis.  The idea is to reduce the curve in the spine, better posture and improve the overall appearance of the person.  

Are there options for Scoliosis treatments?

To get fitted for your Scolibrace is pretty simple.  Wearing a swimsuit or very tight clothing is important.  We will then use a handheld electronic device that will scan your entire body in various positions.  This scanner is completely safe and it is similar to taking pictures.  It is used to draw the outline of your body so the brace is made for just you!!  Every brace is 100% custom done for each and every client.  

This scan will be sent over to the manufacturer for the Scolibrace.  It will be checked by their highly trained staff to ensure that all the images are perfect for what they need to produce your very own custom brace.  The brace will arrive in just a few weeks.  During the time of wearing the brace, you will be expected to come to see us for regular check-ups, tractions, and soft tissue work.  It’s the combination that will help with scoliosis.  

Alternative to Scoliosis Surgery

The Scolibrace is changing lives and is an amazing non-surgical method form of treatment.  And, Advanced Spine and Posture are the only ones that offer this effective method right here in Grand Rapids.

If you or your child have scoliosis there is a very effective treatment option that doesn’t involve surgery.  Give us a call.  This method will work with younger as well as older patients, however, it works best during the growing years.  

Our office is proud to be the Scolibrace office in West Michigan.  Our office is a medical office that is geared around the perfect spinal model.  We practice the CBP (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) method of Chiropractic.  This method has proven studies and published research that is even used by medical doctors for surgeries.  We believe in this method as it is a method that can be measured, actually measured and shown the results.  This is why we went through all the troubles to learn this advanced technique to bring it to Grand Rapids.  Come see us at Advanced Spine and Posture today!

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