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Chiropractic X-rays

As a member of the Grand Rapids Chiropractors, we know you have choices in Grand Rapids. However, the choices are not on the same level as we are here at Advanced Spine and Posture.  Getting great chiropractic care by measuring your spine against that of the normal spine is where we start the process. We know that this is the normal spine, has been tested and researched.  Everyone was built with these natural curves in the spine. These curves should be maintained, however, overtime with pour posture, they break down.

That is where Advanced Spine and Posture Grand Rapids Can help.  Getting your spine back to its normal curvature will take tractions, Physical therapy, and patience.  We work with the whole spine to get the results we are looking for. The skeletal system is the backbone of the entire body.  It carries the spinal cord which is the major component of life. Keeping it in great shape can really improve the quality of life.  We are not your typical Grand Rapids Chiropractors group but we are better.

Grand Rapids Chiropractors and Physical Therapy

We offer grand rapids Chiropractors services as well as Physical Therapy services.  We are a dedicated medical group ready to tackle the toughest back issues. If you don’t have chiropractic insurance coverage, this isn’t a problem.  Give us a call and let us see if we can help you. We take most major insurances including Medicaid. Medicaid Chiropractors are sometimes hard to come by and getting the very best is unheard of.  Because of our unique Grand Rapids Chiropractors office, we can offer these services to everyone.

Grand Rapids Chiropractors are all Different

Grand Rapids Chiropractors are all different.  Not just in price structure and quality of care, but in personality and general feel of the offices.  Our office is a very professional and open concept, for the most part. We have Physical therapy rooms, massage rooms, traction rooms, and table rooms.  We work with the CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics) and it is different than just a Chiropractor. We work with the science of the skeletal structure and the math behind what is going on with the curvature.

When you first arrive we will take x-rays.  Our clinic works off from these to get you the best possible care.  We will take the x-rays and measure out how far off your spine is that of the normal spine.  We will then set up a time to meet with you and go over our findings and approach to your situation.  Each person is different and the approach is different as well.

Grand Rapids Chiropractors don’t use CBP for the most part.  There are a couple that will use to work with the neck. But, Advanced Spine and Posture of Grand Rapids uses it for the entire back.  We also work with Scoliosis patients to decrease the scoliosis curvature. And, text neck patients as well as Auto accident patients and everyone in between.  If you have had a fall recently, come see us. We are happy to help get your back to a healthy you again.

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