Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression

Over time, the spine with compress with gravity and we start to feel the aches and pains.  This compression can be released during spinal decompression but should be done by a CBP Chiropractor.  This type of chiropractor has had extended schooling in how to put the natural curves of the spine back into place.  This schooling is backed up by many pieces of research and published medical documents.  These studies found the “perfect spinal model” and this is what our practice is based on.  We offer our clients this special treatment because we truly believe in it.  And, our treatment plans will come with measured results.  We won’t just tell you that we are helping you but we can show you with our documented x-rays as well as you will feel better.  

During spinal decompression, we will use various traction techniques to relieve that pressure you feel in your back.  Sometimes these techniques will have to combine with physical exercises and soft tissue massage to get the best results.  Each person and case is different from one to the next, which is why we need to have you come in for an evaluation. 

Spinal Evaluation

During the evaluation, you will be seen by a medical PA first who will do an overall health check and determine what we need to do from there.  There are almost always x-rays done as this office is run by the x-ray results.  We will set up a second appointment to go over our findings.  During that time we will take your x-ray and put your spine up against the “perfect spine” of CBP.  Here’s where the magic happens.  Our trained doctors can put all the measurements on the x-ray and show you with very clear green and red lines where your spine is off.   Read More.

Spinal Decompression isn’t properly done with a machine, but with human hands and complex traction to get the proper results.  Hanging upside down on an inversion table isn’t the best option for spinal decompression, but seeing a professional certainly is. 

Grand Rapids Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression relieves what gravity and life have done to your spine.  If you tend to sit a lot or stand, you can feel the body compressing with gravity.  This compression can be painful and mess up the spine’s discs.  However, our office has state of the art techniques that offers spinal decompression relief to all of our patients.

Our office is different than any other office in Michigan at the moment.  We offer a full line of spinal decompression techniques as well as machines.  We have various machines and traction setups for all the different issues people face in their spine. 

Our Denneroll tables are some of the best for improving people’s spine and posture.  Combine them with the various arms and foam inserts to undo what gravity has done to your body.  We have machines that you can lay, sit and stand to get the best posture adjustment.  And, of course, we offer manual adjustments as well.  We work with just about any type of insurance and are happy to take Medicaid as well.  We want to see Grand Rapids standing tall and better than before.  If you looking for spinal decompression, look no further.  

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Spinal Decompression
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