What is the Denneroll Orthotic
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What is the Denneroll Orthotic

What is the Denneroll Orthotic

Denneroll is a device used by Chiropractors.  It helps reshape the necks curves and is a result of Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP)®.  This allows helping assist in pain relief for patients.  In numerous clinical cases, it has been shown to correct spine curvature disorders.  It can also help to eliminate progressive SADD, chronic neck pain, chronic headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, and a wide variety of other issues.  If you are interested in the Denneroll treatment call your Grand Rapids Chiropractor today!

The Denneroll has a unique design.  This design provides gentle but effective assistance in stretching to improve movement, relieve muscle tension and assist in correcting poor spinal curves.  It is a simple, pillow-like device engineered with curves, angles, and ridges.  This unique design makes it perfect for targeting specific areas for treatment.

A side view of the ideal natural spine curves should have a natural, oval, or egg-shaped curves.  Slightly more curvature in the middle and upper spine.  The Denneroll’s contoured shape is designed to help improve posture while relieving muscle tension and pain.

Denneroll Shapes

There are three different Dennerolls – cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.  Each of these models is designed to individually target each patient’s needs.   This allows us to address the area that you need it most.  Increasing your comfort and overall improved spine alignment.

The first step we will do is to take digital x-rays.  This is the only way to accurately determine which placement is correct for each individual patient.  X-rays are important in actually seeing what is going on.

Once we have the x-ray we can do mathematical measurements and determine the state of displacement vs. the perfect spine.  From there we will create a customized program for getting you back into alignment.

Denneroll Features

  • Contoured shape based on the CBP ideal model
  • Peak placed at the top of the orthotic to create a 2-4 vertebra extension
  • Comfortable peak allows for patient tolerance with a firm base of support
  • Ability to change the apex of the spine contact with the peak.  This allows for a customized fit to address individual patient needs
  • Portable, effective, and user-friendly
  • Chiropractic Relief

We have been helping patients for several years by relieving their pain.  With our proven track record in being able to help where others can’t.  We have several different methods of therapy.  Offering a variety allows us to customize a treatment plan based on each patient’s need or pain.

Taking continuing education is the only way to stay on top of the latest techniques.  Our doctors are always continuing to learn and grow with CBP®.  We are continually working to improve our selves so we can keep helping out patient’s pain-free!  We are proud to say that we are Chiropractic BioPhysics Certified.  It’s worth taking a look to see what we can do.  If other’s have tried and failed, that doesn’t mean you have no options.  There are very few that use the Denneroll as an option.

Denneroll Options

The Denneroll has so many uses and options that it really is a very versatile tool.  We use the Denneroll to get the results we are trying to achieve.  And, we have found it to be very effective and more comfortable for patients.

If your looking quality care, you have come to the right place. We go above and beyond for our patients.  Working with only the best equipment.  We want to see you leave here happy and feeling better.  Let us take a look at what you are trying to achieve.  We can help with any muscular skeletal problem.  We work with all major insurance carriers as well.  Give us a call.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.  Let’s get you on the path to feeling better!

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